We all want friends. We all want fun. We all live to experience life at its fullest. RESTōR students is a place to engage all of this in a safe, encouraging environment where we point each other back to the source of real life, Jesus. His teachings guide our discussions. His life of service, of grace, of love for all mankind is our pathway to discovering the life we were created to live.

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Know Jesus and create a better world.


Being together, learning what it means to follow the way of Jesus and placing our identity in Him can change our everyday life.

RESTōR Students is where our spiritual and relational health can be practiced and realized. It’s a place of belonging, where we believe the best in each other.

It’s non-negotiable! Life should be filled with fun! We have a blast together with food, music, teaching, crews and crazy games. RESTōR Students is where it's at! We hope you’ll join us soon.

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